General Information

Mayan Ruins

Tulum Archaeological Site, Tulum

This ancient port was built by the Mayans during the Post Classical period. Three enormous walls with amazing doors surround the more than 60 buildings that create Quintana Roo's most important site.


Chichen Itzá is the most renown and authentically restored Mayan ruin. During the Mayans' magnificent reign of the Yucatan, they built these beautiful and famous buildings: the Snail, the Castle, the Warriors Temple, the Ball Game, the Tzompantli, the Eagles House, the Osario, the Temple of the Chac Mool and more. Watch the snake move along the temple steps during the fall and vernal equinoxes.

Mayan Village, Xcaret

Xcaret was the main Mayan port that sustained intense commerce with other Caribbean cities. Come to this small village where indigenous Maya in traditional dress guide you through their thatch buildings and homes.

Yum chac altars, Akumal

Here you can ruins of altars dedicated to the Mayan water god Yum Chac who a appeared in the form of cenotes, lagoons and bays.

Cobá Archaeological Site, Cobá

Nearly 50,000 ancient Mayans once inhabited the 80 square miles that make up this Classic Period site. Here you'll find the tallest pyramid on the Yucatan called, Nohuch Mul (large hill). From the second tallest Yucatan pyramid, the Iglesia, you have a spectacular view of Lake Macanxoc.

Cozumel Archaeological Park, Cozumel

Located 5 minutes from downtown by taxi, this park exhibits 65 reproductions of the life-size statues of Toltec, Mexican and Mayan stone statues.1 hour tour.

El Cedral Cozumel

The largest Mayan temple on Cozumel Island that was "found" by the Spanish explorers in 1518. The site also contains numerous small ruins. Every May, they hold a small festival here. Tour guides are recommended.


Town of Tulum

Just 15 minutes from Nueva Vida de Ramiro you'll find the small town of Tulum. Come here for the casual atmosphere and great food at restaurants.

Xcaret Museum

Just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen is this cultural center that house 19 scale models of the Mayan civilization's most important pyramids. Learn about how they built them and why.

CEDAM, Shipwreck Museum, Puerto Aventuras

Explore what contents of the many shipwrecks that occur along this dangerous coast. The Great Maya Reef that's just off the coast makes it hard to navigate the waters.

Cultural and Poly-religious Center, Puerto Aventuras

Visit the new unique Cultural and Ploy-religious Center where you can learn about the different cultures and religions that come together to create the interesting Riviera Maya region.

Boca Paila and Punta Allen, Biósfera Sian Ka'an

These two small towns are both on a peninsula inside the Biósfera Sian Ka'an. The only access is through a well-kept dirt road. Here you'll find only private homes, hotels and fishing lodges since the government limits development.