Nueva Vida on the press

A Weekend Eco-Getaway to Mexico: Tulum

‎I'm not a huge fan of staying in huge hotels. When I travel, I prefer the intimacy of a boutique property – the smaller and the more unique, the better. I love connecting closely with the staff (knowing their names) and also knowing that my stay is contributing positively to the local economy ...

Caribbean Journal Jet Set Sarah

‎Check in and chill out at Nueva Vida, a much-loved eco-friendly enclave in Tulum, Mexico, where the so-calm-it's-almost-comatose vibe is in perfect keeping with the languorous pace of the bohemian beach town. Seaside bungalows are colorful and comfy, furnished with handcrafted furniture, local art, and silk hammocks on the veranda.

The New York Times

‎"IT was a honey-gold morning in Tulum, Mexico, the low-rise, high-key ocean strip in the Yucatán 75 miles south of Cancún. While many visitors saluted the sun in various yoga poses along the white swatch of the Atlantic Ocean beach, Irene Albright and her daughter, Marina, stared at a computer screen in the open-air lobby of the Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro."

Travel National Geographic

The hand-painted plaque that hangs right near the reception area of the Nueva Vida de Ramiro, a beachside eco-resort named for a 17-year-old boy who was left for dead after a motorcycle accident, reads: "Dear Guest: We recommend for you to leave behind the stress, the hunger, and the negative vibrations, so that you can enjoy this beautiful gift of nature." It is a warm welcome.

The Chicago Tribune

Nueva Vida de Ramiro, an eco-hotel on the beach in Tulum, the town, as opposed to Tulum, the archaeological site. Beautiful location, lovely thatched-roof bungalow looking out on the sea. Mexico Travel

A laid-back eco resort in the Tulum Hotel Zone run entirely on solar and wind power, this 30-room hotel consists of bungalows and suites set amid jungle and strung along a stretch of near-flawless beach.