Social aspects

Handcrafts turtles workshop for young people at risk in Tulum

We collaborate in this project by buying turtles made from recycled wood from the carpentries that contributes to generate a decent job and to rescue young people or people who are without work influenced by different vices enabling them in their elaboration and conservation of the sea turtles and we give them Of gift to those who stay in the hotel and thus contribute with the development of the community. We have collaborated as a sponsor and exhibitor in the “Baaxloob Palaloob” Summer Course in Tulum Municipality where we receive about 80 children in the month of July-August each year. In 2008 he began our collaboration as a sponsor of the Mexican Red Cross Delegation Tulum. Sponsor of Same-Name Soccer Team since the 2007-2008 Season of the La Liga Municipal de Tulum Interdependencies now Interchampions Tulum. Sponsors of the Municipal School of Infantile – Juvenile – Feminine Soccer “Warriors of Tulum” in the Municipality of the same name.


Promoters of personal and professional growth giving support or student scholarships to collaborators. It also promotes continuity in its academic levels by supporting those who wish to continue or finish with their studies of Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate or University. As part of our commitment and development with our partners we provide the school supplies kit every year to support their economy. We have visits programmed by Schools of various levels with several visits of Primary Education Level and University Level that allows to have knowledge of the operation taking care of the environment and its environment, as well as the use of alternative energy. We promote values ​​through support with material for special physical therapies and therapies to children with special abilities through an agreement with the Toshonos Foundation A.C. Support in various activities related to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Minors at Risk, Margin Communities offering economic or in-kind support through DIF and CRIM Tulum.