Since 1998 we have started with our collaboration with the “Riviera Maya Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program”, which has been in existence for more than 30 years in the conservation of endangered and nesting sea turtles in the area by Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico AC.

On the beach called Kanzul, which is located within the hotel zone of Tulum, this study site has approximately 5 kilometers of coastline from the Maya Tulum Hotel to the Arco Maya where the Biosphere Reserve of Siana Ka An. In which are mainly protected the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta, white Chelonia mydas and sporadically Eretmochelys imbricata and laud Dermochelys coreacea  During these years 4368 clutches of loggerhead turtles have been protected 333, 160 hatchlings, 14, 661 white clams and 1, 097,636 hatchlings, 7 hawksbill clutches, 734 hatchlings; And 3 nests of lute and 125 offspring.  

For six months from May 1 to October 30 of each year we support volunteer turtles that bring Flora and Fauna, we provide accommodation, three meals, communication radios, a quad, and all the expenses that this implies, such as gasoline, maintenance , Repairs etc …. this is basic and additionally relies on the needs that could arise in the program in general.



Conservation and collaboration”

  • We participate in the Program of Local Ecological Management.
  • Tulum Watershed Committee.
  • Committee of the Turtle Festival of Tulum
  • Municipal Committee of Ecology and Protection of the Environment of Tulum
  • Workshop on early warning of coral reefs.
  • Summer course participation of the Municipality Tulum (Baax’ob paalalo’b).
  • Participation in the proplayas network.
  • Permanent environmental education program on the conservation of sea turtles in Mayan communities.
  • Participation in beach cleaning activities.
  • Certification of beaches

Environmental Education Program with the community and Hotel Zone of Tulum.

Awareness campaign in the Hotel zone. The hotel has contributed with the support of the delivery of letters by the government and the delivery of Tortutips, to promote training courses for hotel staff who interact with nesting areas in order to avoid obstacles to the Turtle nesting and the return to the sea of ​​the offspring when they are born such as loungers, tourists walking without any guidance about turtles, palapas on the beach, and lights aimed at the beach.

Tulum Sea Turtle festival

We have also contributed as part of the Organizing Committee and as sponsors since its inception at the Sea Turtle Festival in Tulum. Which takes place between the second and third week of October. This year we are 15 years in which its main objective is to raise awareness about the situation of the process that the sea turtles live in extinction and how we can all contribute to take care that they do not disappear finding a balance between the human being and sea turtles in the An area where communities are involved in the hotel sector and tourists in this collaborative way for their protection.

Participation of the children of the communities in the conservation of the sea turtles.

Since 2006 we have carried out environmental education activities with children from the community of Tulum and Manuel Antonio Uh May that many of them did not know sea turtles and therefore not the sea. Part of the activities is to give a talk about the conservation of turtles and care for the environment, transpose them from their community to the Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro and explain the effort involved in conservation by concluding with a release of the puppies a dinner and Return to your community.

Surveillance committees

We participated in the year 2001 presiding over the community committee by the Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA). In the care of mangroves and sea turtles in the area by the authorities to respect environmental laws and regulations to contribute to the care of the environment of the area.

Reforestation Program

Within our internal Environmental Education Program at El Nueva Nueva Vida de Ramiro we have a program of reforestation of native vegetation, mainly of the Palm de Chit and Coconut Palm that we realized with our collaborators creating awareness of the importance of reforestation and care enviroment.

Seaweed cleaning

In the environmental contingency of excessive Sargazo recharge by the marine currents from the sargasso sea, due to these phenomena caused by the climate change the Hotel has a management plan of Sargazo relocating it in zones inside the beach for the generation and / Or recovery of coastal dunes.

Garbage Cleaning Program

Other activities we carry out for the environment are to participate in activities related to recycling, care and cleaning of the garbage of the City of Tulum, Coastal Zone and Surrounding Areas