Nueva Vida Weddings

Look at the different options we have to make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life.

Types of ceremonies we offer

The Cosmic ceremonies

Made on the beach where according to the four elements of nature, points and palpable energy coming from the archaeological zones surrounding the place and adding the love and commitment of the couple, make this a unique ceremony for all present.

Civil Weddings

Marriage that is contracted, formalized and inscribed before the civil authorities (civil registry, public administration, judges or municipal authorities) and not before the religious authorities, or following the ritual of a religion (religious marriage).


Held by a Pastor on the beach or wherever they wish with Bible readings.
No certificate is issued and no paperwork or paperwork is required.

Catholic Ceremony

Religious marriage, is the ritual that legitimizes the union of the contracting parties in the eyes of God. Both members of the couple undertake to respect the dogmas and obligations of the religion in question.

Optional wedding services offered by Nueva Vida

  • Photography
  • Video DVD
  • Special Wedding Photos & DVD
  • Live Music (Mariachi, Saxophonist, DJ, Jazz, Traditional Tropical Life Band, and more)
  • Decorative Flowers (Basket of Rose Petals, Floral Bouquet, Floral Boutonniere, Floral Table Centerpieces)
  • Dinner Menus
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bar Services

Wedding Planning

We will recommend the best wedding planner according to your needs and tastes, who will make sure your wedding day is hassle-free and truly enjoyable.


Contact us and describe what you have in mind for your wedding so we can put together the perfect custom package for you.